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King KX155 Faceplate Lens Inserts

Material - Made from 0.062” amber plastic with white engraved text.  Part of the back surface is painted black.

Price $90.00

Why are Aircraft Engravers lenses better than all other competitors?

NOTE: This item is NOT PMA’d and can NOT be installed in US Certified aircraft unless the proper FAA paperwork is completed. Contact your local avionics shop or AP for more information.

King KX155 faceplate lens insert installation directions

Before you begin: Check to see if you received the proper lens insert. Are the numbers the same as your radio? Does it fit correctly? Although the holes and text will be the same, many faceplate manufacturers made different versions of the same faceplate. (Just to make life a little more interesting)

  1. This faceplate insert is NOT PMA’d and CAN NOT be installed in US Certified aircraft unless the proper FAA paperwork is completed. The FAA is very strict on using non-PMA’d parts in certified aircraft. Contact your local avionics shop or AP for these requirements.
  2. Have this insert installed by an FAA certified avionics shop if the unit is to be installed in a US Certified aircraft. If you do not have all the proper tools, are not a qualified technician or your not sure you are capable of doing this job, seek expert advise.  
  3. Remove the 4 screws holding the faceplate to the unit and remove the faceplate.
  4. Pop out the old lenses.  
  5. If your faceplate needs painting continue to the next step, otherwise go to #10
  6. Sand down the faceplate for good paint adhesion.  It may be necessary to strip the paint completely.  Pay special attention to the trim and and text.  We recommend a finer grit sand paper so you don’t remove the text and for a cleaner look towards the end of the process.
  7. Spray the faceplate lightly with black primer and paint the faceplate with a quality paint such as Krylon's® 1613 Semi-Flat Black paint.  Use a primer that is the same brand as the black paint.  Let it dry completely.
  8. Lightly scrape or sand the trim and text to bring out the silver aluminum color.  
  9. Spray the faceplate with a matte clear coat such as Krylon's® 1311 Matte Finish paint and let dry.  
  10. Install the new lenses.  Make sure the lens with the light sensor relief is positioned on the correct side of the faceplate.  We recommend dabbing a little silicone glue in the corners to keep the lens from vibrating in the aircraft.  
  11. Install the faceplate onto the unit.
  12. Tell all your aircraft buddies about Aircraft Engravers and the great products we make.

Aircraft Engravers return policy.  

We will give you a 100% refund of the purchase price minus any shipping charges for any faceplate that is returned to Aircraft Engravers. This is for any reason that you are dissatisfied or can’t comply with any FAA rules or regulations.

AKA - Also Known As - KX155, KX-155, KX 155