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Painted Panel Engraving

Aircraft Engravers does not make the panels or paint them, we engrave the text and graphics on the panels you supply to us already made and painted. Aircraft Engravers can make them look as if "They just came from the factory".

Engraving painted panels is only done by very select and highly skilled engravers. The process can be done on aluminum or composite material that has a flat surface. The operation consists of the customer having the panel painted per the downloadable PDF painted panel directions. Then the panels are engraved by cutting through the top coat of paint into the base coat, but without going too deep into the panel itself. This takes the precision of a quality engraver at Aircraft Engravers that knows what he and his engraving machine can do. That’s why there are just a few of us that can do this type of work, to cut in the middle of one layer of paint.

Pricing varies depending on the amount of text, graphics, size and mounting brackets that may interfere with the engraving process and complexity of mounting the panel on the engraving machine.

To get a quote, send in pictures of the panels and what you want engraved to info@engravers.net.  All quoted prices are for the engraving ONLY.

As another option, Aircraft Engravers can make an overlay for the panel, switch or circuit breaker areas. Go to Placards, Custom for more information on your choices.