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Faceplate Supplies

Allen & Bristle Spline set, (5) Wrenches - $7.50

These wrenches are the most commonly used to remove the knobs from the radios.

There is no way to know for sure which wrench will work for a particular radio. Since these older units could have been in the shop multiple times and the knobs and/or the set screws could have been swapped from a different radio, making it only a guess as to which wrench to use.

Testor’s Paint Stick - $6.25

Used to paint the silver trim border on faceplates that require trim painting. Or can be purchased locally at a hobby store.

Bristle Spline Wrench, (1) .033” 4 fluted - $3.00

This is a special extra small four fluted spline wrench for the NAV122, KMA26 & RT359A dimmer knob. Sometime in the RT359A’s production run King used two different set screw sizes, if the smallest wrench in the wrench set above is too large, this is the item you need.

Even though this photo doesn’t show it, this wrench is smaller than the smallest wrench in the set above.