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Honeywell Rocker AML 34/36 Series Switch  REFERENCE information

Rocker Switch Operator Engraving is a permanent solution to answer the question on how to label your rocker switches. Aircraft Engravers engraves most of the AML operators (the part that rocks back and forth) as shown below, however, we have the capabilities to engrave many other styles that are not shown here also. We can engrave both detachable operators or those that are riveted to the switch.

Prices vary depending switch type, text and graphics layout.

Aircraft Engravers does not sell the whole switch, just the operators for the Honeywell AML51 & AML54 series switches operators that fit the AML34/36 switches. All other type will have to be supplied by the customer. View the PDF for more information on the Honeywell AML switches.

AML34’s can be either not lighted, incandescent lamp or LED lighted with different voltages depending on the bulb purchased.

AML36’s are lighted by a neon bulb.

AML34 Honeywell Rocker Switch Power Ratings

In regard to the DC ratings on the AML34 series, this is the information received from the Honeywell engineering department. 

AML34 Series DC Rating Estimates 

   DC     Max Current      Max Inrush      Resistive      Inductive      Motor Load

    12            15                     40                  15                10                    6

    30            15                     40                  15                10                    6

    48            15                     15                    2                  1.5                  1.5

  125            15                     10                    0.6               0.3                  0.3

  250            15                       5                    0.4               0.2                  0.2

Please be advised it is solely up to the customer to determine the suitability of the products in their application.

If you have any further questions, please call us at 1-800-537-6945.

Thank you for your interest in Honeywell Control Products.


Wendy Domino

Honeywell International Inc.

Sensing & Control Division

Technical Customer Service

Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: 1-800-537-6945

Fax :    1-815-235-6545

This information is distilled from different sources for these rocker switches. Hyper link to Honeywell for more detailed information if needed, then purchase the switches through Newark Electronics which are hyper linked below or they can also be found at http://www.digikey.com This information is to help stop some confusion when ordering one of these switches. Their dimensions are 1.200" x .800" at the bezel; 1.000" x .590" for the operator and 1.141" x .750" for hole size. When looking at any tech data, the AML30 SERIES covers all the switch variations AML31 thru AML36. Aircraft Engravers stocks the AML54 operators (shown above) in white, red, green, blue, yellow & black so you don't have to purchase them when you buy the switches.

ROCKER SWITCHES, order by the numbers

1) AML34 - The Rocker Switch Type

2) [E] are non-lighted, [F]'s have an incandescent bulb socket for T1-3/4 style bulbs

3) [B] Bezel color is Black

4) [A] No bulb installed - [A] No bulb installed, ( NOTE: Bulbs pre-installed into units have been discontinued [B] 6 Volt, [C] 14 volt, [E] 28 volt)

5) [4] Connector type - Solder and/or Quick-connect (Only type available)

6) [AA] 1-pole 4 terminals, [AC] 2-pole 2 terminals  - Circuitry terminal codes

7) [01] Operator action continuously maintains an On or OFF position

There was a change at Honeywell to reduce the quantity of types to only two switches. There wasn't enough demand for the different types of lighted switches. They only come as no bulb installed, however, in the [F] style there a socket to install a T1-3/4 style bulb to illuminate the operator.

Honeywell - AML34FBA4AC01 - Newark Electronics P/N:23F4358

Example: AML34FBA4AC01 - Rocker switch with lamp circuit (an incandescent bulb socket for T1-3/4 style bulb), black bezel, no bulb installed, solder and/or quick-connect terminals, 2 poles to operate 2 circuits, Operator action continuously maintains an On or OFF position

Honeywell - AML34EBA4AC01 - Newark Electronics P/N:23F4357

Example: AML34EBA4AC01 - Rocker switch without a bulb socket (can not be lit)  solder and/or quick-connect terminals, 2 poles to operate 2 circuits, Operator action continuously maintains an On or OFF position


1) 14 volt - Incandescent T1-¾ bulb - Honeywell part # AML91LA73 - Newark Electronics P/N 23F4471

2) 28 volt - Incandescent T1-¾ bulb - Honeywell part # AML91LA85 - Newark Electronics P/N 23F4472

3)   4 Volt - LED replacement for T1-¾ bulbs - Honeywell Series part # AML92 Data sheet - Newark Electronics P/N AML92EGL (White), All LED colors are available here.

OPERATOR (the part that rocks back and forth with text on it's face)

1) AML54 - Rocker switch operator

2) [F] - Full rocker, other styles are available but rarely used in aviation [E} Half, [F] split

3) [10] No legend

4) [Color letter] R-red, Y-yellow, G-green, B-blue, W-white, K-black, A-Amber

Example: AML54F10W - Rocker switch operator that is full sized (NOT two halves), no text, White in color

AML34/36 rocker switch with AML54 operator installed

AML34 PDF from Honeywell rocker switch

AML54 Operator removed from switch body

AML54 PDF from Honeywell operator