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A proud American

Wayne is proud that he was a member of the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Connecticut Air National Guard. He enlisted right out of high school and made rank as soon as he was able to obtain it. He was always in the 901st WSSF - Weapons Systems Security Flight. As a security police officer he was outstanding… outstanding in the rain, heat, cold and winter snow storms as the joke goes.

As a Senior Airman Wayne had the honor to compete in the Air Force’s marksman competition. He obtained 6th place in the Colt .38 revolver and 7th place in the Colt M-16 rifle out of the entire Air Force. After not firing a weapon in a long, long time Wayne went for his Connecticut pistol permit. The instructor was impressed with how tight the shot pattern was after not shooting for some 20+ years. It had easily beat all the instructor’s target pattern groupings that day.

Wayne and his future wife Kim were both traveling to basic training for the Air Force at Lacklland AFB in Texas when they meant at Atlanta Int’l Airport while waiting for their connecting flights to Texas. One thing lead to another and 3 years later they were getting married.    

Both Wayne and Kim are proud members of their local American Legion Shannon-Shattuck Post 182 in Granby, Connecticut.