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Piper 1C388 Faceplate Insert

Material - Made from .020” black with white text. All are backed with double faced tape for easy peel and stick installation.  Additional paint mask piece without adhesive.

Price $9.00

NOTE: This item is NOT PMA’d and can NOT be installed in US Certified aircraft unless the proper FAA paperwork is completed. Contact your local avionics shop or AP for more information.

Piper 1C388 Faceplate insert installation directions

Before you begin: Check to see if you received the proper faceplate insert. Are the numbers the same as your radio? Does it fit correctly? Although the holes and text will be the same, many faceplate manufacturers made different widths or heights of the same faceplate. (Just to make life a little more interesting)

  1. This faceplate insert is NOT PMA’d and CAN NOT be installed in US Certified aircraft unless the proper FAA paperwork is completed. The FAA is very strict on using non-PMA’d parts in certified aircraft. Contact your local avionics shop or AP for these requirements.
  2. Remove the knob and two mounting screws that are under the knob.  Remove your faceplate from the electronics box.  Sometimes it will need a little prying, be careful.
  3. Sand off the top painted surface of the old faceplate.  This will provide necessary illumination for the text of the replacement faceplate overlay.
  4. Apply the paint masking disk, centered evenly on the faceplate.  This is to protect the area that needs light to come through and small enough so that light will not come out of the sides.  Tape the two light bulb holes on the back surface.
  5. Paint the faceplate with a quality paint such as Krylon's® 1613 Semi-Flat Black paint.
  6. When the paint dries, remove the protective tape and paint mask.
  7. Reinstall the faceplate to the electronics box.
  8. Remove the double face tape backing from the new insert.
  9. Place the new overlay onto the faceplate lightly to align the HDG vertical line as best as possible.  Press firmly to secure it.
  10. If any light bleeds out of the edges, carefully apply some black paint to these areas.  Use a Testor’s® black paint stick or similar brand found in most hobby stores.
  11. Reinstall the knob on the coupler.

Aircraft Engravers return policy.

We will give you a 100% refund of the purchase price minus any shipping charges for any faceplate that is returned to Aircraft Engravers. This is for any reason that you are dissatisfied or can’t comply with any FAA rules or regulations.

AKA - 1C388, 1C388 Autopilot Radio Coupler, 1C388C, 1C388PC, 1C388M, 1C388MC, 1C388P, 1C388PC, 1C388-2, 1C388-3