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Aircraft Engravers is proud to give honor to the following people for all their efforts in producing such quality aircraft that they were judged the best in each represented event.  A lot of hard work went into building and displaying each airplane and it shows by their winnings.  Their standards for quality were above all the competition and they chose Aircraft Engravers to do the job they needed. 
If you were a previous customer and we have left you out of Trophy Cabinet, just give us a call and we will be happy to add you to our growing list of champions. 

Oshkosh Grand Champion's

Awarded to:
Barry Bieber, Doylestown, PA -1997
Glasair IIS RG, N3202S
Ken Johnson, Erwina PA - 1993
Glasair III, N640JK

Sun's Fun Grand Champion's

Awarded to:
Harold Mandly & Neal Garvin, Bloomfield, CT - 1998
Glasair III -
Barry Bieber,  Doylestown, PA -1997
Glasair IIS - N3202S (Also Best Low Wing Homebuilt)
Ken Johnson, Erwina PA - 1993
Glasair III - N640JK  (Also Great Grand Champion)

Northwest EAA Flying Champion's

Awarded to:
Ken Johnson, Erwina PA - 1993

Wright Brothers' Award

Awarded to:
Ken Johnson, Erwina PA - 1993


Contact us at:

Aircraft Engravers
151 North Granby Road 
Granby, CT 06035
Email Address         (860) 653-2780        Fax (860) 653-7324

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